Author Topic: 2 petticoated/sissy events happened this week  (Read 369 times)

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2 petticoated/sissy events happened this week
« on: November 07, 2022, 10:24:43 pm »
So had 2 events this past week that kinda goes with petticated/sissy/empowering women thing. One was today when I was back to work after a week off, their is a sign up sheet for the local hairstylist school so obviously pretty much all females looking for males to practice hairstyling on, I was shocked and not sure what the whole story on it was and I only read it quickly as my workplace is 99% male macho pigs who sadly have girlfriends/wives somehow and here I am wanting to be behaved/obedient and do good for a female and can't find one at all, it's really depressing.

Anyway so could not look at the sign up sheet long as the macho male pigs would have teased and been all over me or anyone really, will try and have a look at it again. I actually have short male hair and really don't need a haircut but I know it is a good thing to help females with their career and empower women but it will be soooooo embarassing.

The other event was actually one day I was not feeling good mind you but next door the toddler girl was having a birthday party so quite a few people and it being mid afternoon I had to lay down for a sissy afternoon nap while an actual toddler was up having fun and a party, so here was I in bed middle of the afternoon with a toddler girl and mostly women having a birthday party with my window open.

 Though both probably pretty minor, Both are extremely embarassing and humiliating,lol.

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