Author Topic: A question for all the enlightened ladies & mallete’s  (Read 445 times)


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A question for all the enlightened ladies & mallete’s
« on: July 26, 2021, 10:42:38 am »
If you were to go back and start you current relationship again (Same applies to singles) knowing what you know now, what qualities would you look for in your prospective partner;

Are there particular personality traits that appeal?
Are there any ground rules that would need “setting in stone” from day one?
Here’s a biggie, let's say you introduce a friend to the lifestyle, how would you open the conversation, would you use your existing partner as an example?

For those in existing relationship;

Are there any other obvious differences between your and say your neighbour's five doors down relationship’s?
If your mallette was to sit you down to truly open their heart about their feelings, what would you change about your current relationship?

For the malette’s;

If you were to sit your partner down and truly open your heart to them, what if anything would you like to change about your current relationship?

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Nikki W

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hi - thank you for your question

i think i learned a lot from reading Miss Elise Sutton's pages and updates over many years and especially liked the monthly 'q&a's and updates from those enlightened ladies who just knew things.

Miss Sutton's writings informed me and i learned to be accepting of my status and never to 'top from the bottom' - so if there may be things you might believe you 'want', then you keep that to yourself - as if you really needed it, then your Wife would have discussed it or provided it for you anyway.

That's not to belittle your question in any way, as i think it is a good one.

For me there are three things. Firstly, its the question of physicality in my marriage and if i could turn back the clock i'd make sure my wife knew i wouldn't be hurt if she felt it necessary to take a lover. Secondly, that if she wanted to be a mum, then i would have supported her genetic choice of provider and would have been a full on help and supporter in bringing up her baby in the best way possible.

Finally, and there's also a question on another thread, it would be the question of taking your wife's surname and i'd have asked her if i might be permitted to do that.

Those are my main 3 but i look forward to reading the responses from my other friends here xx
Respectfully yours,


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Nikki - I have read the Elise Sutton Femaile Superiority site and read her Female Domination book.  For me it is kind of like reading erotica and it makes my panty wet.  However I am very suspicious that Elise Sutton is really a man with a chastity and cuckold fetish.  I also don't agree with her that all women are superior to men.  That's nonsense.  Not all women want to dominate their husband or boyfreind.  Some women enjoy being submissive to men.  It's fun to read but alot of it is just submissive male fantasy in my opinion.

Here is a good artlicle about Elise Sutton from a woman's perspective: