Author Topic: A Ritual For Male Atonement  (Read 515 times)


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A Ritual For Male Atonement
« on: December 05, 2021, 04:54:50 pm »
I want to float an idea to see what the Women members of the forum think. This is a ritual that can formatted in a number of different ways, but at its core it involves a group of Women (8 at most) and one male. The male could be a willing volunteer or a donation by one of the Women. Although, ideally the male should be a stranger, a generic male, an abstraction. He should simply be addressed or referred to as "boy", "servant" or something to that effect.

The male is to stand for or be a representative of his entire gender and be the scapegoat for all male transgressions against Women. The climax of the ritual would be having the male kneel before the Women and read a manifesto prepared by them outlining all the offenses males have committed against Women. At the end of the reading he would offer himself for torture and corporal punishment for the wrongs of all males.

Presumably the Women would accept his offer, and if it were still necessary, at that point, he would be ordered to strip naked. He would then be restrained, possibly by suspension and an ankle spreader. Each Lady would get a brief initial turn at inflicting pain.  Then the participation would be more random.

The punishment continues until the male is completely used up. The women then gather their things and leave the room. Shortly after they are gone men selected by them come in and take the subject male down from his restraints and take him to a place where he can recover from his wounds. The ladies may desire to retire to another room where they can process what just happened and share what it means to them.

This or something less severe could be done as a stand alone event or part of a committee, board or law firm meeting. Perhaps the punishment could be administered in bits during extended coffee breaks, leaving the male hanging while Ladies discuss business.

The generic male could provide other services such as obtaining the meeting location and refreshments. He could pay for these as well, if he really wants to balance the scales.

The generic male should have as few personal characteristics as possible. (No name for example.) He should be like a Rorschach inkblot on which the Ladies can project what ever they want to punish.

So he should prepare for his ordeal by removing all his body hair including from his head. When it is necessary or desired for him to be clothed, he should wear all white.

For example, if he must work with hotel or event center staff the day of the event, then a white short sleeved shirt, with matching belt, trousers and canvas shoes. In the meeting room while serving refreshments perhaps barefoot with a white terry cloth robe or a white miniskirt and matching bustier. Or perhaps just hairless and naked. In any case nothing to confir personality or status. And if at all possible no one should know his name.

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