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A Sissy's Pledge
« on: December 31, 2021, 04:29:33 pm »
i first came across this brilliant idea when i and my Mistress at the time (LadyJ.) bought  a book
entitled "A Charm School For Sissy Maids", written by Mistress Lorelei.

"This Sissy Pledge must be memorized. Say it every morning, kneeling before a Woman's panties or shoes if you cannot say it to your Mistress. At the conclusion of the pledge, you may kiss the object of your adoration.
"I pledge allegiance to my Mistress,
and through her to all of Womankind.
I will obey her orders and accept her discipline,
and when she has punished me I will kiss her boots
to show my thankfulness.
In every thought, word, and deed,
I show her my honour, my respect,
and my adoration for the Female."


What do you/You think? Are there any modifications or improvements necessary?
i do this every morning and it puts me in the proper feminine and submissive frame of
mind to honour and serve the Divine Feminine.

Deep Curtsies,

Submission to Gynarchy is it's own reward

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