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Bargain for consideration
« on: November 06, 2021, 06:25:06 am »
Yesterday my wife suggested something for the future, mid-term I guess, in 2 years time or so.
She told me that because I am such a brave macho with my lifestyle she would consider a threesome with another woman...that I deserve two women. She told me that in compensation she would like two things
a) She would choose the lady
b) Me go through surgeon for some little adjustments.

I asked about what adjustments,first she told me I would remain my p*e*n*i*s and no HRT becasuse I am very man. She told me it would be good to substitute all my padding with surgeon...hips, derriere and breasts, and some subtle facial items. She added that we should consider an horchiectomy also but suggested to froze some material in advance just in case we try again parenting.

I am afraid of anaesthesics.I do not matter the changes as long as I remain a functional man, not 100% convinced about of the horchiectomy because of this. we need some time to investigate and consult with the surgeons... but the general idea is appealing not just one woman but two and I am not afraid of most of the permanent changes...I already live with them.

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