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Cod oil
« on: July 24, 2021, 09:23:32 am »
Sometimes my wife ask me to put cod oil on her skin(things of bodybuilding!) I gently and softly extend it over her body: back, legs, arms, pecs... it is an absolutely turn on for me, tounching her muscled body, so hard while I extend the oil.
I can imagine her holding me or hugging with her big and lovely arms.  She always aks me to be clean, and maked up on these massages for her... nails done, beautiful lingerie.
Anytime I do she always like to take my panties out and put some drops and extend on my "little vangie", she says is gives her a nice fragance (I disagree, cod oil has not the best of the fragances) but she likes... She asks me to wash my hands and wait, she take a shower to remove the excess of oil whereas I wait, and  (almost) always she comes back and we experiment a blowjob or a 69, it depends. It is now a kid of ritual, she says she cannot resist my image so femenine smelling cod down there and it is also a way to say " Thank you " for the massage.

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