Author Topic: fact from fiction  (Read 363 times)


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fact from fiction
« on: October 17, 2021, 07:31:50 pm »
I was excited about what I first saw, now I have some reservations. I am hopeful that someone that is or has been in an F.L.R  . Preferably involving feminization . AS a "man" with a feminine nurturing nature and a knack for domestic nature I had thought I may meet like minded people . Maybe even a  mature woman that desired a malewife/ domestic. Any real people please reach out please . I hope the tone of this  post dose in no way make you think I am not %100 percent prepared to sacrifice to usurp the patriarchy , I have along with all of humanity suffer at there hands. I constructed a false persona out of a need to be safe . No where near the level of suffering woman have endured for centuries , still I some of  you do as well.
Attractive willing potential manwife for  a strong woman . wish to help in anyway possible to destroy the patriarchy and advance the gynarchy for the benefit of all womankind.

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