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help me understand
« on: October 18, 2021, 01:12:35 am »
I have spent a considerable amount of time reading posts and testimonials on this potentially paradigm changing site. in my initial exuberance I became way to optimistic. I do still however realize there are some on here that are truly living the lives they endorse . I have always , since my earliest youth known from the depths of my soul known the world would be much better off with women in charge.  i am however of an age that I recall the violence that was visited on women simply trying to be treated as equals... we knew in our hearts that the network of neanderthal holdovers that were inferior to the woman they oppressed . Being an "overly sensitive" nurturing child assigned male at birth was not ideal for me either . Predicated on that seeing this sight I may have become overly optimistic . I was ,and to a degree I still am hopeful . I am not yet passable when en fem , I am a decent cook , laundry and dishes I often enjoy .... there are areas like sewing and hair setting that I am not yet good at . I am a quick study. I am at 55 to old to be a mother figure , but I have years of child care skills under my belt . My father passed away when I was fairly young ... funny how my being in touch with my fem side was ok when it benefit others.  So if the world is on fire with openminded women that seek a wife reach out , talk to me about your truth so I may be of benefit . Are we trying to end thousands of years of machismo fueled hurt and destruction??? Every child produced was from the womb of an amazing woman and every one of those children that died was a direct result of men . hurtful greedy insecure etc etc ... lets start to put an end to this.I want to help
Attractive willing potential manwife for  a strong woman . wish to help in anyway possible to destroy the patriarchy and advance the gynarchy for the benefit of all womankind.

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