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I am ready to step aside
« on: September 05, 2020, 07:12:15 am »
 Yes the title of this is the same as my name on here. I have just joined and find this site interesting. There are any number of reasons I am ready to step aside and allow women to take the lead. I do not like many on here believe women are superior nor do I believe men are superior. But inventions by men have allowed women the freedom to expand their horizons and potential and I would like to see where that could lead.

 As for men wearing female clothing. I never understood the restriction on it. It is nothing but cloth. Soft or Corse skirted or pants frilly or plain. it is all cloth. It does not change what is in the head or heart. Only the perceptions of people around. If I found a Strong Woman (My favorite kind, and who I am most attracted to) and she wanted me to be the bride in a wedding. I would jump at the chance. The wedding is all about the bride. The grooms wishes play very little in it. The pampering and prep over the few days before would be relaxing and enjoyable I think.

 I am a veteran of the U.S. Military and I came to know something doing that. I am sure feminist will disagree with me but I have learned it is often true. men are expendable. What ever your view on women in Combat. If its a good idea or bad. If the restriction held women back or not the simple fact is that restriction protected women. I am sure there were many stated reasons. But simply put it was still the women and children first mentality (like from Titanic). We placed more value in women's lives then men's: Still do.

 I must admit some resentment about this. The reason we prioritize women over men is because they are the limiting factor for the human race. A man with many wives (husbands) can have god knows how many children. By contrast a woman with many husbands (wives) is still limited by her own biology and sexual desire.

 It is because of this I have no problem what so ever in giving way to Women in control. Let them do the dangerous and dirty work. Let them have the power. Power is over rated especially when your the expendable one's. I would love very much to be the stay at home "Mom". To care for the children and the house Safe, protected, and loved.

I read a post by a guest that told of the preverbal pendulum swinging back the other way one day. Who ever that was is right. Full female take over will not last for ever. I liked the video they posted of the gender role reversal where the girl's were the strong one's but one was wanting to wear a dress and society telling her she could not. That dresses were for boys and girls should play sports and be rough and tumble.

Bring it on please!!!   

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