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Re: Moms and mothers in laws?
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I  try to explain how it is with me/us.

As I have already written in other postings, I am a total cuckold and little sissy girl. My former wife fall in love with a black man and she is now his wife. For me she is only my mommy now - and he is my daddy.
It is not more allowed to say that are my sons and my daughter - because they have a new father - daddy. The daughter has the status as aunt since she was 13 years - she is now 18 years old - the boys have the status as uncles since one year - both are now 7 and 9 years.

We visit every weekend daddys mom - she is now mommys mother in law - and my granny. She love how they treat my as little girl. We have to go every sunday in the black church of the black family - i am always in sunday school with the other black kids of the family. Granny also give me a lot of rules - one of the rules are - not to sit with the adults at table - i sit at toddlers table - or she change my food into infant food from infant bottles - infant formula 1 and porridge for 4 months old, she anti potty trained my sucesseful, granny and mommy love to made little girls hairstyles for me, she teach me also to made curtsys like a good behaved little girl.

Mommy's mother knows it now too. She wasn't really surprised and she say - I deserve it to be a little girl and treat as little girl. She is my granny too now and she wants that i act like a little girl - playing with baby dolls and dolls pram - not with toy cars. Or looking in picture books and coloring books for little girls. I have also to help her in the kitchen.

My mom doesn´t know it - but mommy talks last time with my sister about me and i think when my sister knows it - my mom knows it too. I am a little excided

I get only used infant toys and things and must continue to use everything, i am grateful for this. Also that I am completely under the control of the women of the family. It gives no chance to break out. When mommy and daddy need time for themselves, they bring me to daddy's mom for a few days. Maybe they also bring me to mommy's mom, but I don't know it