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Bianca Censori
« on: April 03, 2024, 07:52:39 pm »
The celebrity Kanye West seems to enjoy showing off his female companion, Bianca Censori. Based on what I have read, she is hardly a mere piece of eye candy. She is a successful architect and model who met West while working on a project. If I had to guess, she seems a bit tired of life as an architect and wants to explore her sensual side while she is still young and able to attract mainstream attention. I support that and wish her well, I think she should enjoy the freedom to use her looks to earn social status for herself.

Here she is in various situations, including wearing nothing but a sheer rain poncho in public. She also enjoys hosiery, which she claims is a great medium for fashion because it doesn't require tailoring and is disposable when the image has run its course.

When I was a younger man, I would have done anything to be in a reverse of her situation - a muse and appendage to a beautiful and powerful womyn, not necessarily a celebrity or heiress, but rather a female CEO or entrepreneur.  Like Ms. Censori, doted over by a team of stylists who remake me in the image of my dominant's fantasies and desires. The feeling of wearing clingy hosiery or something sheer is intensely arousing, its seems to be a sensory experience that womyn can experience with some level of mainstream approval, but men cannot (at least not without suspicion and ridicule, if not outright social rejection).

Due to our evolutionary path, men seem far more visual (and voyeuristic) than womyn, and it seems unlikely that a reverse of such imagery will occur anytime soon. When I use the term "objectification", I don't use it in a deragutory sense, I rather mean it in the sense of an object of desire. I am hoping that, someday, the female sex drive can be awakened in a form of voyeurism that allows men to feel as objectified as female sex objects do in our present culture. Womyn should view men as a canvas upon which to create the images that live in their minds, and remake them into sources of pleasure.

Perhaps that might happen when womyn move away from the "beefcake" model of male sensuality and toward the "sissy" model, smaller, weaker, obedient and subservient males (hairless and in chastity) as personal assistants. That makes sense, especially if womyn start to reject males as sex partners and favor other womyn, and males assume the role of pets and domestic servants. A common maledom fantasy reversed to suit a new era.

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