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Gender specific sports teams
« on: July 27, 2021, 04:56:30 pm »
Watching the Summer Olympics has raised several questions for me.

Should there be separate sports teams based on anatomy? 
In my opinion no.  I would like to see something like varsity teams with the collection of the best players.  Then junior teams that would be next group of capable players.  There would be records kept (World Records and Olympic Records) for Varsity Teams and Junior Teams.

In a light hearted, not serious observation.   If gender specific teams are retained, should they be called the (Biological term for the female anatomy starting with a V) **** Team and the (Biological term for the male anatomy starting with a P) **** Team ?  Or V*** Volleyball and P*** Volleyball?  While offensive to the general public (and apparently createaforum because the words were suppressed), isn't that what we are really saying?  I am somewhat joking here, but I would like to see the name change just so show the lunacy of it.

On a more serious question.  Should someone that goes through the full transition be able to compete in the gender specific team?  This is a particularly challenging question for me.  After the surgeries, they have the anatomy, but not the chronozones.  I respect that gender dysphoria is a real thing and I do not like the idea of limiting anyone from anything.  But I do believe that there is an unfair advantage for M2F transitions in competitive sports.  Similar to steroid use and many other chemicals bans a player in competitive sports.  I think gender affirming surgery bans a player from competitive sports. Perhaps this is more justification that gender references should be removed from sports.

On the other side of the masculine feminine spectrum.  Why are there womanless beauty pageants?  Shouldn't there just be beauty pageants?  I do not think it matters if the contestants have a V**** or a P****.

I relatively new to the group and have not read all the past posts.  I apologize if these topics have already be covered.

Thank you in advance for your comments.


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Re: Gender specific sports teams
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2021, 05:31:34 pm »
Hi Jaqi!

      I will "Jump In" on this one!

      When we allow men or boys to compete against Girls, it gives the man or boy an unfair Advantage.  For as much as I Advocate for Gender Role Reversal and the Empowerment of Women, the male body is Designed to be physically stronger than the Female body.  Also, no matter how many "Changes" you might make to the body, the Cell Structure Never Changes, a male body is still a male body.  For me, it is Shear Delight when a Female Beats a male at  a strength Competition, or any type of Competitive sport such as wrestling.  The Truth to that is that in those cases the Female has Out-performed and become Victorious not only over the male opponent, but Over the "Advantage" that that male body has!  You need only look at the State of Connecticut, and see how having males competing against Females has HURT those Females!   Two males Won the Women's Track Event, thus the two Females that were the "Rightful" victors were "slighted" by the male establishment AGAIN!!!    The Movement to have biological males compete against biological Females is some of the Worst "Abuse" that can be had against Females!  The Movement to have males compete against Females does NOTHING to Empower Women, it just keeps them down.

     For me, it is about Empowering Women.  Anything that continues to "Hurt" women, I will Not Support. 

Just my "2 Cents"!!!

Strong Women are the future!
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