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Celebrating Sissies!! / Trisha Sissy! A Beautiful New Age man!
« on: February 23, 2024, 07:45:33 pm »
Here is Trisha.  A New Age man that likes to go out in Public!   This Must be Encouraged at a very High Level!   Male Femininity is the Future!

Here are some Delightful Videos from Youtube of how a Woman is encouraging her husband's Femininity.  This is something that we need to Encourage at a Very High Level!   The men that are Feminized by their Wives, the better the Society becomes.  This is The New Age Lifestyle!

Women being Empowered / Re: Girls Beating boys!
« on: February 23, 2024, 07:25:23 pm »
Another PIN!!!!    Female POWER is AWESOME!!!

Boys really do need to consider being Cheerleaders for these Superior Girls!

Male Feminization Discussions / Re: Reviews!
« on: February 23, 2024, 07:14:04 pm »
I make my sissy send in reviews on all my purchases for him! Be it lingerie or make up he must review it and make it clear he is a married male or sissy !  Many never show up but more and more are seen!  This will encourage more sissy bois will do same and help them when shopping!


   That is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!    I have considered making a thread on all the Comments from various pantyhose Sites, that have a large number of Reviews by men.  This is really a Great Concept because it Advances the Reality that male Femininity is Growing and it should be Encouraged by Women everywhere, as the Goal of The New Age Lifestyle is to emasculate and Feminize as many men and boys as possible!   All while Advancing Women and Girls to the Leadership and Dominant Positions in Society!

Great Suggestion!!


Women being Empowered / Re: Girls Beating boys!
« on: February 18, 2024, 06:33:45 pm »
Another boy gets Pinned by a Girl!   This is so AWESOME!!!

Celebrating Sissies!! / Re: Bella: biologically built to be a sissy
« on: February 16, 2024, 07:53:23 pm »
I’ve posted my story earlier but I’m a tall strong woman who has a sissy Bella who is 4 years younger, 1 foot shorter, and 100 pounds lighter than me. I work as a pilot and Bella is my housewife.

Bella is in my opinion the most feminine pathetic sissy ever. Here are some stats:

- 5’3
- 115 lbs
- gynocomestia that resulted in natural DDD
- natural soprano
- a member that is 0.8” hard

Bella is pathetically weak. I can hold Bella down and pick Bella up with one arm. Bella cries is extremely emotional, especially about clothes and makeup. Bella only wears short skirts and dresses.

When we hang out with my friends, Bella serves us while wearing miniskirts while we’re all in pants. Bella is the lightest, shortest, highest voice in the room of all women.

Is Bella a phenomenon? How do you think Bella became like this? Do you think other biological sissies are the future?

This is such a Wonderful Example of the Future we are envisioning in The New Age Lifestyle.  DommeAd, you are surely a Great Role Model for Women everywhere in how to pick a Pretty Sissy and establish TOTAL Female Control and Dominance.  Yes, Bella is what males need to be in The New Age Lifestyle!

Thanks for the Great Post!


Male Feminization Discussions / Re: Lululemon for men?
« on: February 16, 2024, 07:49:50 pm »
Which is why the items we pick for our sissies to wear is so important.

We have to establish that in this new world, it is the males who have to look sexy and making them conscious of how they look all the time is so important.

I recently saw a woman with her name partner just groping and stroking his bottom. He was definitely embarrassed and it was amazing to see especially because it was in a casual supermarket.

Melissa, this is why you are One of the Leaders for our Movement!   What you State here is so "Right On"!   I Loved what you witnessed at the Supermarket.  That needs to become commonplace!


Male Feminization Discussions / Re: Lululemon for men?
« on: February 16, 2024, 07:48:10 pm »
Yes and I love making him body conscious about how they show off his legs and ass and, oh his chastity cage shows or sissy bits!  We girls have to constantly fret about all that while ordinary males never do!

This is one of the MAIN GOALS of The New Age Lifestyle.  Men and boys ALWAYS dressed prettily and with makeup and jewelry, showing off their svelte figures in skin tight leggings and tops, or the cutest skirts and dresses, All for the PLEASURE of Strong Women and Girls.  In The New Age Lifestyle, males need to learn that their Value is in looking Pretty and Sweet for Women!   

We are surely making Progress!

Interviews / Britney Smith Interview Part 2
« on: February 11, 2024, 06:56:43 pm »
As we continue the Interview, we will look more at Britney's early years.  To have such wonderful support from his Family is really Fantastic.  It is so Wonderful to know that there are Mothers and Grandmothers out there that realize the Need for some boys to Embrace their Femininity and be Pretty!   Britney is so fortunate to have such a Loving Family!

At what age were you exposed to others in Girls clothing?  The Reactions from others seeing you Feminized?

The exposure to others while dressed in girls' clothing happened gradually. As I grew older around 8 to 10 years old I continued to explore my interest in femininity, there were instances where friends, extended family members, or acquaintances became aware of this aspect of my identity. The reactions from others varied, but the supportive environment fostered by my family played a crucial role in shaping these interactions. Some friends, upon discovering my interest in girls' clothing, reacted with curiosity or acceptance. Over time, many family members came to understand that my expression of femininity was a natural and authentic aspect of who I am.

I got to a point where I really wanted to attend events as a girl and wearing girls things, small little adventures with the family helped this before long I was going to church dressed as a girl and attending other events wearing girls' clothes. At first most people thought I was a girl but getting into my young teenage years I would still enjoy being mommy's little girl and would wear younger girls clothes then a girl that age would.

Did you play sports as a child?  If so, what sports?

I was an active child who engaged in a variety of activities, including sports and dance. While I participated in traditionally masculine sports, such as soccer, my interests extended beyond these boundaries. Additionally, I had the opportunity to explore dance, specifically girls' dance and ballet, with the guidance and encouragement of my mother's sister my aunt. This experience allowed me to express myself through movement and grace, breaking away from traditional gender stereotypes associated with sports

What clothing did you wear to grade school?

During my time in grade school, I predominantly wore boys' clothes while at school to adhere to societal expectations and norms. However, upon returning home, I eagerly changed into girls' clothes, reflecting my authentic sense of self and my interest in feminine expression. The routine of transitioning from boys' clothes at school to girls' clothes at home became a comforting and empowering aspect of my daily life. The support from my mother was evident in her thoughtful gestures, such as laying out a girls' outfit on my bed when I was doing well in school. This practice not only reinforced positive reinforcement for academic achievements but also symbolized acceptance and encouragement for my authentic self-expression. She continued this in high school and even after I graduated, I told her I felt very special when she would pick my outfits out and had them laying in my bed for me to change into, this included everything from the shoes and panties to the dresses and jewelry.

NOTE:   This is so Delightful!   His Mother is so Encouraging and Accepting of Britney's Femininity.  Just think of the boys that Wished that they had a Mother like this.  Not only Accepting her son's Femininity, but assisting him in this way to Enjoy who he actually is!   This is surely the Evidence of the Loving Mother that she is.  This is just so Invigorating to hear!

How often did you dress as a Girl when you were very young, Pre-teen?

As I entered my pre-teen years, my expression of femininity expanded beyond the confines of the home. Encouraged by the ongoing support from my mother, I began dressing more frequently as a girl in public settings. This transition from private exploration to a more public expression marked a significant step in my journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

My mother played a pivotal role in facilitating these outings, turning them into special and cherished moments. We embarked on shopping adventures together, exploring clothing stores to find outfits that resonated with my sense of style. These outings became not just practical excursions but joyful bonding experiences, akin to the traditional mother-daughter outings

Did you play and associate with other boys or did you hang with the Girls.  Please explain.

During my pre-teen years, I maintained a diverse social circle that included both boys and girls. While I enjoyed the company of boys in activities such as sports or typical boyhood adventures, I also found a special connection with the girls.

When I spent time with the girls, my naturally girly disposition shone through. I embraced a heightened sense of femininity, participating in activities traditionally associated with girls. Whether it was engaging in imaginative play, exploring creative endeavors, or simply enjoying girly chats, I fully immersed myself in the world of my female friends.

My girly demeanor when with the girls became a source of amusement and camaraderie. Rather than feeling out of place, I found acceptance and even encouragement to express my authentic self.

NOTE:   This is so Fantastic that the Girls Accepted Britney in his Femininity and even Encouraged his Femininity.  In The new Age Lifestyle, it is imperative that Women and Girls Encourage men and boys to Embrace their Femininity.  It will make for a Better Society for all!

As a little boy, did you envy Girls?  If so, please explain.

My enchantment with all things girly reached delightful heights during playdates orchestrated by my imaginative and supportive mother. As a little boy, the allure of girlish experiences captured my heart, sparking a playful envy that translated into a passion for embracing the world of girls.

In these delightfully girly playdates, my mom curated magical moments filled with frilly dresses, twinkling tiaras, and an array of dolls and Barbies. Together with my newfound girl companions, we embarked on fantastical adventures in make-believe worlds, complete with tea parties adorned with dainty cups and saucers. The air was always filled with giggles, secrets shared among confidantes, and an abundance of glitter, as we reveled in the joy of playful expression.

My mother's careful curation of these girly playdates allowed me not only to express my fascination with the feminine but also to fully immerse myself in the enchanting world of girls. The experience became a tapestry of vivid colors, gentle whispers, and the delightful rustle of tulle skirts, weaving together a childhood that embraced the magic of diversity and self-discovery.

As a young boy, did you do Girl activities such as Dance & Ballet?

Participating in dance and ballet provided me with an outlet for creativity, physical activity, and a unique form of self-expression. The rhythmic cadence of music and the elegance of dance steps allowed me to explore and embody a more feminine side of my identity, breaking away from societal expectations associated with traditional boyhood activities. I started watching my sister from a young age perform in both dance and ballet and understood right away this was for me.

Here is Britney's Link Tree:

Male Feminization Discussions / Re: Enhance your Sissy!
« on: February 08, 2024, 04:34:31 pm »
Oh she has and will continue to see him as a sissy hubby.  She sees him as male right up to sissy maid!  She is fond of buying femme things for him!

It is so Important that ALL Women start to partake of the New Age Lifestyle and Feminize ALL the males in their lives!   Your Mom sounds like an AWESOME Woman!

Keep Kaydee as Feminine as possible, and then remind him of how macho he once just DESTROYS the male Ego!  LOL

General Discussion / Re: The perfect man. Just appereance.
« on: February 08, 2024, 04:28:48 pm »
New Age men, in my opinion, should have the following Goals:

Completely hairless and kept in Chastity

Always with a manicure & pedicure with Soft & Feminine colors

Pierced ears

Long hair, or long haired wigs

Weight proportional to height  most men are taller, so for a 6' tall man, he should be no more than 135 pounds, that will assure No muscle mass!

Always in either a corset or shapewear

Always in delicate, preferably open toed high heels, and Always wearing delicate nylons

Thus, The New Age man!


Male Feminization Discussions / Re: Enhance your Sissy!
« on: February 08, 2024, 04:21:39 pm »
Omg!  My sissy will be sporting some new bras soon!  Looks like they willl fit perfectly and be pretty too!!

Make him into a Total "tart" for Valentine's Day!   I Bet your Mom will Love seeing him being such a Complete Sissy!


Women being Empowered / Re: Girls Beating boys!
« on: February 04, 2024, 06:27:48 pm »
It doesn't take her long to Pin him!   Girl Power is AWESOME!!!

Interviews / Britney Smith Interview Part 1
« on: February 04, 2024, 06:14:18 pm »
This Part is focusing on Britney as a young boy and how he got started into being Cute and Feminine!

Were you a typical boy when you were little?

Yes, when I was little, I started off as a typical boy. I enjoyed playing with action figures, building forts, and getting dirty while playing outside. However, as I grew older, I developed a curiosity about girls' clothes and activities. This curiosity led me to explore dressing up in girls' clothes, initially in secret.

As I began to experiment with this interest, I found support from my mother and grandmother. They were understanding and open-minded, encouraging me to express myself in ways that made me happy. Over time, this support fostered a comfortable environment where I could be myself, blending traditional boyish activities with those typically associated with girls.

Nowadays, I embrace a mix of interests and enjoy engaging in both traditionally masculine and feminine activities, especially when spending time with my mother. This unique upbringing has allowed me to appreciate a diverse range of experiences and has shaped my identity in a way that feels true to who I am.

  Were you encouraged as a little boy to wear Girls clothing?
If so, by who?

Yes, I was fortunate to have a supportive and understanding environment where I was encouraged to explore my interest in wearing girls' clothing. The primary sources of encouragement were my mother and grandmother. When they discovered my curiosity and experimentation with girls' clothes, they responded with openness, empathy, and acceptance.

Rather than discouraging or shaming me for deviating from traditional gender norms, my mother and grandmother recognized the importance of allowing me to express myself authentically. They understood that clothing and interests do not necessarily define one's gender identity and were supportive of my exploration.

Their encouragement played a crucial role in creating a positive atmosphere that allowed me to feel comfortable expressing myself in ways that made me happy. This support helped shape my understanding of gender and allowed me to develop a healthy relationship with my own identity.

What was the first item of female clothing did you wear?

I discovered my sister's first communion dress and some of her beauty pageant dresses. These dresses held a special allure for me, as they were not only beautifully crafted but also symbolized important milestones and events in my sister's life.

Curiosity led me to try on these more elaborate and elegant dresses, each carrying its own unique charm. The first communion dress, with its pristine white fabric and delicate details, became a particularly enchanting item for me to experiment with. The beauty pageant dresses, adorned with sequins and vibrant colors, added an element of glamour to my playful dress-up sessions.

Throughout this exploration, my sister remained understanding and even joined in on the fun, transforming these moments into shared experiences that strengthened our sibling bond

Seeing you started dressing very young, were you wearing your sister’s clothes?

Recognizing my genuine interest, she started allowing me to have my sister's hand-me-down clothes. This marked a significant step in acknowledging and embracing my unique expression of gender identity.

Furthermore, my mom went a step further by actively participating in my exploration. She started shopping for me, selecting girls' clothes that I could call my own. This gesture not only provided me with a wardrobe that aligned with my preferences but also communicated a clear message of acceptance and love.

To create a comfortable and inclusive space, my mom transformed my boys' room into a place where both masculine and feminine elements coexisted harmoniously.

Were you supported into your Femininity by your Mother, Grandmother & Sister?  Please Explain.

My mother, grandmother, and sister played instrumental roles in supporting and embracing my exploration of femininity. Their collective support created a nurturing environment that allowed me to freely express my true self. Here's how each family member contributed:

My mother, understanding the importance of self-expression, actively supported my interest in girls' clothing. She not only allowed me to wear my sister's hand-me-downs but also took the initiative to shop for girls' clothes for me. This gesture communicated her unconditional acceptance and love. Her support went beyond just clothing, extending into creating an inclusive space within our home where I could be comfortable expressing my femininity.

My grandmother, too, embraced my journey into femininity. With her wisdom and experience, she provided guidance and reassurance, fostering a sense of acceptance within our family. Her understanding and open-mindedness helped shape a positive atmosphere that encouraged me to explore and celebrate my individuality.

My sister, being a key figure in this narrative, not only tolerated my curiosity but actively participated in the shared experience. Rather than feeling threatened or uncomfortable, she joined in the fun, turning dressing up into a bonding activity. This support from my sister not only strengthened our sibling relationship but also reinforced the idea that expressions of femininity were to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Did you live in an All Female Environment?

For the most part yes my mother took on a central and supportive role in my journey of self-discovery and exploration of femininity. My mom and dad were not together but he came back into my life as a younger teenager.

Would you say that the Females in your household are ‘Feminists’?

The women in my family demonstrated an openness to breaking traditional gender norms and encouraging individuality. They supported my exploration of femininity, promoting the idea that personal expression should not be confined by gender expectations.

NOTE:  This is so Warming to hear!   The wonderful and Loving Support that Britney has received from his Family is beyond Awesome.  Just think how much better Society would be if more boys were Supported in such a manner in their Femininity.  Even though this Posting is Focused on Britney, the Truth of the matter is that this Family is a Delightful Role Model for how other Families should be in creating a Better and Caring young man.  Britney is surely such a Fantastic young man that shows others just how enlightening it is for a boy to Embrace his Femininity.

Here is Britney's Link Tree:

Interviews / Interview with Britney Smith
« on: February 04, 2024, 04:14:54 pm »
I have had the pleasure of corresponding with our Ultimate Role Model for New Age young men.  Britney has been dressing "Gurly" since he was a young boy, with the encouragement of his Mom, Grandma and Sister.  It is truly my Pleasure to share the Interview I have had with him.  The following Interview will need to be done in "Sections" as the Forum has a "Character Limit" for individual Postings.  Britney and I have been in contact since early November, and we were going to post his interview at the Blog, but with the Deletion of the Blog, we will use this Section to Post this and all future interviews pertaining to The New Age Lifestyle!

Here is Britney's Link Tree:

This is the initial Email I received from Britney.  He is such a Delightful young man and I am so thankful that he reached out.  he is such a Wonderful young man, and I know his family is very Proud of him!

Hey you might know me my name is Britney Smith and have been dressing as a girl all my life I ran across your page and it would be so nice if you could do a blog post about me I can answer your questions and even send you some pictures of me


Britney Kelly Smith

Here is a copy of How it all started that was posted on my blog years ago, I will also work on your questions :-)

Britney Kelly Smith

The Real Life Story

"When My son was 10 years old he would get home from school and ask to dress in his sister's clothes. I have always encouraged individuality and made sure he always had something to wear."

"He was allowed to wear things like tights, makeup and jewelry only when he did good in school"

"Eventually his grades got better and was allowed to wear girls clothes when he was home and on the weekends"

- Mom

Part 1

I remember when I was little, probably around the age of 8 or 9 just how pretty all of my sisters were to this day. I think they are amazingly beautiful. Having sisters was fun, I got to do all kinds of things with them, and yes including playing dress up. One of the first times I remember dressing like a girl is when my mom and dad were gone for the day and my sisters wanted to play a game. My older sister Hillary wanted to see what I would like wearing my little sister Joni's Easter Dress. Hillary was two years older than me and was a complete girly girl. Her room was a fairy tale of Pink and Flowers. Most of her clothes growing up fit me perfectly.

I can remember it like it was yesterday after my mom and dad left. I was playing in my room when Hillary and Joni came in and asked me if I wanted to play a game. I asked what kind of game and was just told that it would be fun but we have to change clothes. At 9 years old I was not the normal boy and loved reading and cooking with my mom. I was told to take a bath and make sure I was squeaky clean, I used my sister's body wash because I thought it smelled so nice. After getting out of the bath I walked to my room only to find my sisters waiting for me.

I paused and looked at them wondering what they were doing, I was then asked if I would like to pretend to be a girl for the day. I was surprised by the question and my stomach started feeling funny. I asked them if this was the game they were talking about. Little did they know that I have looked and peaked into their rooms just to see all of their pretty things. As a boy who tried to play it cool, I shrugged my shoulders and said "sure". My thoughts of dressing like a girl from then on have never changed.

I can remember Hillary walking me to her room and asking me what I wanted to wear. I could not think or say a single word because deep down I wanted to try on everything. After looking through her closet we found one of her Easter Dresses from last year, it was baby blue with a white collar around the neck. I thought it would be perfect. At this point, I did not know if this was just a funny idea and that I would try it on and be done or did she want me to wear other stuff too and dress like a girl all day.

Before my sister said another word I told her that I should go put my underwear on. We all giggled at the fact that I was still in a towel naked and needed something. At this point, I got very nervous and instead of going back to my room to find some underwear, most likely ninja turtles. I walked into my little sister Joni's room and closed the door. At this point, my heart was beating out of my chest and thought to myself, If I was going to dress as a girl, I should find something much prettier to put on.

I slowly walked over to my little sister's dresser and found just want I needed. I drop my towel and started to get changed. I could hear my sisters walking down the hall and wondering what I was up to. As they opened the door they could not stop looking at me. I quickly turned around and told them that If I was going to dress like a girl then I should probably wear panties instead of boy underwear.

They looked at each other and agreed.

So here I was standing in my little sister's room with her panties on with white flower tights over the top. Her panties also had little tiny pink flowers on them and I can remember to this day how soft they felt. I told them both that I was going to be very careful knowing that fact that they would be mad if I ruined any of these things. After they whispered to each other they both agreed that we needed to do more.

I then was told to take off the tights and they painted my toenails bright pink. We then walked back into my older sister's room to get dressed. After my nails were dry I sat on my sister's bed and slowly put each of my feet into Joni's tights pulling and straightening them up to my waist. I was handed a petticoat slip that went over my head and stopped just above my knees.

Next was my sister's Easter dress, it buttoned in the back so I would for sure need them to help me get it on. As I put my arms through the sleeves and the dress fall into place over the petticoat all I could think about was the feeling I got when my tights brushed up agents my petticoat and dress as it swooshed back and forth.

Hillary then tied in the dress in the back with a nice tight bow and buttoned me up.

One of the last things that needed to complete the outfit was a pair of white low heel shoes. The same ones Joni had worn just last week to church.

As I started to look at myself in my sister's mirror I was realizing how pretty I could be and that I not only wanted to dress like a girl today but I want to act like a good little girl today as well.

I remember as her middle sibling brother how amazing this was standing in my sisters room with her Easter Dress, a petticoat slip, her tights, a pair of cute panties and her shoes and thinking I'm not done yet. I then walked over and looked at her jewelry box and found the same bracelets, necklace and clip on earrings she had worn not too long ago. She did not have her ears pierced so it was a perfect match.

She asked me if I needed help and then proceeded to put the jewelry on me. I can remember Hillary telling me that we need to do my makeup, at that point I started to get a nervous tummy again. She took me by the hand and we walked over to her room where all of her makeup was laid out and ready to go.

I had absolutely no experience with makeup, all I knew was that mom had shown my sisters what to do and what not to do. I trusted them and after some lip gloss and a little bit of rose blush it was perfect! I already had somewhat of a soft girlish face so it did not take much to give me more facial feminine features.

As Hillary was helping me I was thinking gosh you know what would complete this outfit and me dressing like a girl would be what to do with my hair. I was kinda upset my mom just had my haircut, it was the late 90's and as a boy I wanted a bowl cut. That's at least what the boy side of me wanted, the girly side of me wanted long curly hair like I had as a child.

We talked and played a bit more in my sister's room, we were all girls and I was pretending as much as I could to be as nice and polite as possible to my sisters. We just had one thing missing, until Joni yelled out "I have and idea". We remembered that her friend next door had a curly wig from a play she was just in. She quickly ran out the door and very soon came back with something that would complete my girl look.

As she walked back in the room I was sitting at my sister's makeup table awaiting my new look. It was cute sandy blond wig that went down to my shoulders. Large bangs were cut in the front that tickled my forehead. My sister completed my look with a headband and some hair spray. That was it, with some quick body spray that made me feel girly. I was dressed head to toe in my sister's clothes.

To this day I still have that dress, it reminds me of where I came from and how everything started.

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