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Britney Smith Interview Part 2
« on: February 11, 2024, 06:56:43 pm »
As we continue the Interview, we will look more at Britney's early years.  To have such wonderful support from his Family is really Fantastic.  It is so Wonderful to know that there are Mothers and Grandmothers out there that realize the Need for some boys to Embrace their Femininity and be Pretty!   Britney is so fortunate to have such a Loving Family!

At what age were you exposed to others in Girls clothing?  The Reactions from others seeing you Feminized?

The exposure to others while dressed in girls' clothing happened gradually. As I grew older around 8 to 10 years old I continued to explore my interest in femininity, there were instances where friends, extended family members, or acquaintances became aware of this aspect of my identity. The reactions from others varied, but the supportive environment fostered by my family played a crucial role in shaping these interactions. Some friends, upon discovering my interest in girls' clothing, reacted with curiosity or acceptance. Over time, many family members came to understand that my expression of femininity was a natural and authentic aspect of who I am.

I got to a point where I really wanted to attend events as a girl and wearing girls things, small little adventures with the family helped this before long I was going to church dressed as a girl and attending other events wearing girls' clothes. At first most people thought I was a girl but getting into my young teenage years I would still enjoy being mommy's little girl and would wear younger girls clothes then a girl that age would.

Did you play sports as a child?  If so, what sports?

I was an active child who engaged in a variety of activities, including sports and dance. While I participated in traditionally masculine sports, such as soccer, my interests extended beyond these boundaries. Additionally, I had the opportunity to explore dance, specifically girls' dance and ballet, with the guidance and encouragement of my mother's sister my aunt. This experience allowed me to express myself through movement and grace, breaking away from traditional gender stereotypes associated with sports

What clothing did you wear to grade school?

During my time in grade school, I predominantly wore boys' clothes while at school to adhere to societal expectations and norms. However, upon returning home, I eagerly changed into girls' clothes, reflecting my authentic sense of self and my interest in feminine expression. The routine of transitioning from boys' clothes at school to girls' clothes at home became a comforting and empowering aspect of my daily life. The support from my mother was evident in her thoughtful gestures, such as laying out a girls' outfit on my bed when I was doing well in school. This practice not only reinforced positive reinforcement for academic achievements but also symbolized acceptance and encouragement for my authentic self-expression. She continued this in high school and even after I graduated, I told her I felt very special when she would pick my outfits out and had them laying in my bed for me to change into, this included everything from the shoes and panties to the dresses and jewelry.

NOTE:   This is so Delightful!   His Mother is so Encouraging and Accepting of Britney's Femininity.  Just think of the boys that Wished that they had a Mother like this.  Not only Accepting her son's Femininity, but assisting him in this way to Enjoy who he actually is!   This is surely the Evidence of the Loving Mother that she is.  This is just so Invigorating to hear!

How often did you dress as a Girl when you were very young, Pre-teen?

As I entered my pre-teen years, my expression of femininity expanded beyond the confines of the home. Encouraged by the ongoing support from my mother, I began dressing more frequently as a girl in public settings. This transition from private exploration to a more public expression marked a significant step in my journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

My mother played a pivotal role in facilitating these outings, turning them into special and cherished moments. We embarked on shopping adventures together, exploring clothing stores to find outfits that resonated with my sense of style. These outings became not just practical excursions but joyful bonding experiences, akin to the traditional mother-daughter outings

Did you play and associate with other boys or did you hang with the Girls.  Please explain.

During my pre-teen years, I maintained a diverse social circle that included both boys and girls. While I enjoyed the company of boys in activities such as sports or typical boyhood adventures, I also found a special connection with the girls.

When I spent time with the girls, my naturally girly disposition shone through. I embraced a heightened sense of femininity, participating in activities traditionally associated with girls. Whether it was engaging in imaginative play, exploring creative endeavors, or simply enjoying girly chats, I fully immersed myself in the world of my female friends.

My girly demeanor when with the girls became a source of amusement and camaraderie. Rather than feeling out of place, I found acceptance and even encouragement to express my authentic self.

NOTE:   This is so Fantastic that the Girls Accepted Britney in his Femininity and even Encouraged his Femininity.  In The new Age Lifestyle, it is imperative that Women and Girls Encourage men and boys to Embrace their Femininity.  It will make for a Better Society for all!

As a little boy, did you envy Girls?  If so, please explain.

My enchantment with all things girly reached delightful heights during playdates orchestrated by my imaginative and supportive mother. As a little boy, the allure of girlish experiences captured my heart, sparking a playful envy that translated into a passion for embracing the world of girls.

In these delightfully girly playdates, my mom curated magical moments filled with frilly dresses, twinkling tiaras, and an array of dolls and Barbies. Together with my newfound girl companions, we embarked on fantastical adventures in make-believe worlds, complete with tea parties adorned with dainty cups and saucers. The air was always filled with giggles, secrets shared among confidantes, and an abundance of glitter, as we reveled in the joy of playful expression.

My mother's careful curation of these girly playdates allowed me not only to express my fascination with the feminine but also to fully immerse myself in the enchanting world of girls. The experience became a tapestry of vivid colors, gentle whispers, and the delightful rustle of tulle skirts, weaving together a childhood that embraced the magic of diversity and self-discovery.

As a young boy, did you do Girl activities such as Dance & Ballet?

Participating in dance and ballet provided me with an outlet for creativity, physical activity, and a unique form of self-expression. The rhythmic cadence of music and the elegance of dance steps allowed me to explore and embody a more feminine side of my identity, breaking away from societal expectations associated with traditional boyhood activities. I started watching my sister from a young age perform in both dance and ballet and understood right away this was for me.

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