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Interview with Britney Smith
« on: February 04, 2024, 04:14:54 pm »
I have had the pleasure of corresponding with our Ultimate Role Model for New Age young men.  Britney has been dressing "Gurly" since he was a young boy, with the encouragement of his Mom, Grandma and Sister.  It is truly my Pleasure to share the Interview I have had with him.  The following Interview will need to be done in "Sections" as the Forum has a "Character Limit" for individual Postings.  Britney and I have been in contact since early November, and we were going to post his interview at the Blog, but with the Deletion of the Blog, we will use this Section to Post this and all future interviews pertaining to The New Age Lifestyle!

Here is Britney's Link Tree:

This is the initial Email I received from Britney.  He is such a Delightful young man and I am so thankful that he reached out.  he is such a Wonderful young man, and I know his family is very Proud of him!

Hey you might know me my name is Britney Smith and have been dressing as a girl all my life I ran across your page and it would be so nice if you could do a blog post about me I can answer your questions and even send you some pictures of me


Britney Kelly Smith

Here is a copy of How it all started that was posted on my blog years ago, I will also work on your questions :-)

Britney Kelly Smith

The Real Life Story

"When My son was 10 years old he would get home from school and ask to dress in his sister's clothes. I have always encouraged individuality and made sure he always had something to wear."

"He was allowed to wear things like tights, makeup and jewelry only when he did good in school"

"Eventually his grades got better and was allowed to wear girls clothes when he was home and on the weekends"

- Mom

Part 1

I remember when I was little, probably around the age of 8 or 9 just how pretty all of my sisters were to this day. I think they are amazingly beautiful. Having sisters was fun, I got to do all kinds of things with them, and yes including playing dress up. One of the first times I remember dressing like a girl is when my mom and dad were gone for the day and my sisters wanted to play a game. My older sister Hillary wanted to see what I would like wearing my little sister Joni's Easter Dress. Hillary was two years older than me and was a complete girly girl. Her room was a fairy tale of Pink and Flowers. Most of her clothes growing up fit me perfectly.

I can remember it like it was yesterday after my mom and dad left. I was playing in my room when Hillary and Joni came in and asked me if I wanted to play a game. I asked what kind of game and was just told that it would be fun but we have to change clothes. At 9 years old I was not the normal boy and loved reading and cooking with my mom. I was told to take a bath and make sure I was squeaky clean, I used my sister's body wash because I thought it smelled so nice. After getting out of the bath I walked to my room only to find my sisters waiting for me.

I paused and looked at them wondering what they were doing, I was then asked if I would like to pretend to be a girl for the day. I was surprised by the question and my stomach started feeling funny. I asked them if this was the game they were talking about. Little did they know that I have looked and peaked into their rooms just to see all of their pretty things. As a boy who tried to play it cool, I shrugged my shoulders and said "sure". My thoughts of dressing like a girl from then on have never changed.

I can remember Hillary walking me to her room and asking me what I wanted to wear. I could not think or say a single word because deep down I wanted to try on everything. After looking through her closet we found one of her Easter Dresses from last year, it was baby blue with a white collar around the neck. I thought it would be perfect. At this point, I did not know if this was just a funny idea and that I would try it on and be done or did she want me to wear other stuff too and dress like a girl all day.

Before my sister said another word I told her that I should go put my underwear on. We all giggled at the fact that I was still in a towel naked and needed something. At this point, I got very nervous and instead of going back to my room to find some underwear, most likely ninja turtles. I walked into my little sister Joni's room and closed the door. At this point, my heart was beating out of my chest and thought to myself, If I was going to dress as a girl, I should find something much prettier to put on.

I slowly walked over to my little sister's dresser and found just want I needed. I drop my towel and started to get changed. I could hear my sisters walking down the hall and wondering what I was up to. As they opened the door they could not stop looking at me. I quickly turned around and told them that If I was going to dress like a girl then I should probably wear panties instead of boy underwear.

They looked at each other and agreed.

So here I was standing in my little sister's room with her panties on with white flower tights over the top. Her panties also had little tiny pink flowers on them and I can remember to this day how soft they felt. I told them both that I was going to be very careful knowing that fact that they would be mad if I ruined any of these things. After they whispered to each other they both agreed that we needed to do more.

I then was told to take off the tights and they painted my toenails bright pink. We then walked back into my older sister's room to get dressed. After my nails were dry I sat on my sister's bed and slowly put each of my feet into Joni's tights pulling and straightening them up to my waist. I was handed a petticoat slip that went over my head and stopped just above my knees.

Next was my sister's Easter dress, it buttoned in the back so I would for sure need them to help me get it on. As I put my arms through the sleeves and the dress fall into place over the petticoat all I could think about was the feeling I got when my tights brushed up agents my petticoat and dress as it swooshed back and forth.

Hillary then tied in the dress in the back with a nice tight bow and buttoned me up.

One of the last things that needed to complete the outfit was a pair of white low heel shoes. The same ones Joni had worn just last week to church.

As I started to look at myself in my sister's mirror I was realizing how pretty I could be and that I not only wanted to dress like a girl today but I want to act like a good little girl today as well.

I remember as her middle sibling brother how amazing this was standing in my sisters room with her Easter Dress, a petticoat slip, her tights, a pair of cute panties and her shoes and thinking I'm not done yet. I then walked over and looked at her jewelry box and found the same bracelets, necklace and clip on earrings she had worn not too long ago. She did not have her ears pierced so it was a perfect match.

She asked me if I needed help and then proceeded to put the jewelry on me. I can remember Hillary telling me that we need to do my makeup, at that point I started to get a nervous tummy again. She took me by the hand and we walked over to her room where all of her makeup was laid out and ready to go.

I had absolutely no experience with makeup, all I knew was that mom had shown my sisters what to do and what not to do. I trusted them and after some lip gloss and a little bit of rose blush it was perfect! I already had somewhat of a soft girlish face so it did not take much to give me more facial feminine features.

As Hillary was helping me I was thinking gosh you know what would complete this outfit and me dressing like a girl would be what to do with my hair. I was kinda upset my mom just had my haircut, it was the late 90's and as a boy I wanted a bowl cut. That's at least what the boy side of me wanted, the girly side of me wanted long curly hair like I had as a child.

We talked and played a bit more in my sister's room, we were all girls and I was pretending as much as I could to be as nice and polite as possible to my sisters. We just had one thing missing, until Joni yelled out "I have and idea". We remembered that her friend next door had a curly wig from a play she was just in. She quickly ran out the door and very soon came back with something that would complete my girl look.

As she walked back in the room I was sitting at my sister's makeup table awaiting my new look. It was cute sandy blond wig that went down to my shoulders. Large bangs were cut in the front that tickled my forehead. My sister completed my look with a headband and some hair spray. That was it, with some quick body spray that made me feel girly. I was dressed head to toe in my sister's clothes.

To this day I still have that dress, it reminds me of where I came from and how everything started.
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