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Re: Fictionmania
« on: July 29, 2022, 05:25:42 pm »
Some years ago I posted a four-part story, "Mommy's Darling," to Fictionmania.  It's an embellished version of my upbringing by Mother and "Aunt" Margie.  They wanted to keep me from becoming an abusive macho womanizer like my father.   So they encouraged me to play dress up with lipstick, lingerie, nylons, and heels, convinced me that I would always be too undersized where it counts to satisfy a woman as a Man, and conditioned me to identify erotic excitement and release with my latent femininity.  If you go to the "Author List" under "B" and click on "Billie Lovelace," my femme name, you'll find it. 

Here are links that may take you to the four parts:

--Billy Lovelace
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