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Re: Fictionmania
« on: August 02, 2022, 02:04:07 pm »

Thanks for sharing this well-written and inspiring story.  Good to see that the New Age Lifestyle is cross-cultural.

To answer your question of whether a real life "Margie" has ever come into my life, the answer is that a kinder, gentler, but nonetheless Margie-like Mother-figure has indeed come into my life.

As years passed, I remained meek and submissive with women.  When other boys started chasing after girls, I remained close and submissive to Mother and Margie.  They enjoyed feminizing and having so much power over a young male  -- grooming me as a lifelong sissy.

I remained a virgin.  My sex life was confined to my room.  Dressed and girlishly mincing about in makeup, lingerie, nylons, and heels that Mother and Margie had given me as presents, I harmlessly made sissy-boy love to myself.  This went on for some years.

Later, when Mother passed and Margie moved away, I met Thelma.  After two failed marriages to macho womanizers, Thelma was attracted to my  gentle, submissive, feminine nature.  Thelma is older than me, taller too.  In a way she resembles and dresses like "Aunt" Margie.    She eventually asked me for a date after which one thing led to another and she asked me to move in with her.

We enjoy each other's company and share many non-sexual interests.  In the bedroom, though, Thelma is in charge.  Psychologically incapable of coming on like a Man, I gratefully submitted to her taking my virginity.  Sexually our roles are reversed.  For the most part we relate more like Mother and son -- SISSY son -- than man and wife. 

Thelma thrives on assuming the dominant role -- having complete control -- in the bedroom.  She finds it empowering.  As compensation, she indulges my desire for role-playing, especially in re-enacting my erotically-charged, submissively feminine relationship with powerful, emasculating Mother-figures.  Assuming the role of Mother or Margie, Thelma will tease and ridicule me about my undersized "peenie."  She'll dress me up in a cute little maid's outfit -- complete with fishnet stockings, spike-heeled shoes, and lacy apron and cap.  Then she'll train me to girlishly mince about in heels and demonstrate my submissive devotion by performing a delicate, little curtsey.  After this I brush her hair, polish her nails, and help her in and out of her many pairs of sexy high heels.  Kneeling at her feet and kissing her powerful, emasculating spike-heels, I harmlessly and humiliatingly cream my panties.  For obvious reasons -- revenge against two macho exes on her part, acceptance by an emasculating Mother-figure on mine -- we both find this fulfilling. 

It's not for everyone, of course.  But it works for us.  Mother would be so pleased! 
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