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Body of a man, Soul of a woman (Chapter 5)
« on: January 06, 2024, 04:32:40 pm »
A change of attitude
    When we returned home around noon on Sunday, I noticed it was different from the day before. I prepared the food and after eating we went to take a nap.
    When we woke up from the nap I went to the bathroom and took the opportunity to put on the earrings, especially because one of the holes in my ears had just been made a few days ago and could be closed. When I went back to bed I went to kiss him and he avoided me. "What's the matter?" I asked her. “Monica doesn't exist, I exist,” she told me. “Well, of course, honey, you are what I love most in the world,” I said to calm her down. “I noticed that you really enjoyed dressing as a woman,” she told me. “And where was I?” she asked me again. “Well, with me supporting me. Of course I enjoyed it a lot. “You made me feel what I had never felt before,” I told him. “And what have you felt?” she asked me she. “If I tell you the truth, will you be angry?” I said. “I don't know if I'll be angry or not, but tell me,” she replied. I steeled myself, because I didn't expect this reaction, especially after everything she did for me the day before. “Well, I felt that I have a feminine side inside me,” I told her, “I saw myself as a woman for the first time in my life.” She turned around, fell silent, and began to cry.
    That new circumstance sank me. It seemed that everything that had been achieved so sweetly had collapsed suddenly.
    We spent Sunday afternoon watching television, but talking very little. There was a cold, a bit strange atmosphere. Just in case, I didn't bring up the subject so as not to cause an uncomfortable situation.
    She arrived on Monday and it was time to get up early. Before going to work I took off the earrings and hid the holes as best I could so the holes in my ears wouldn't be noticeable. At that time she worked as a car parts deliveryman. She came home late every day, around 9:30 at night. So the week went by and finally Friday arrived.
    I remember Friday, July 26, 1985 as an especially hot day. When I came home from work I found my wife in the kitchen preparing dinner. I noticed that she was happy. I gave her a hug and a kiss. I went to take a bath and then we had dinner. When we finished dinner she told me, “You haven't worn your earrings all week.” I told her that she hadn't done it so as not to upset her. That she surely wouldn't put them on me again. "Why not? “I like that you wear them,” she replied. I didn't answer it. We went to the terrace of the apartment, because it was very hot in the house. We lived on the 7th floor of the building and there was a slight breeze in the evening. We turned the television around in the living room and watched TV from the terrace. Since there was no need to get up early the next day, we stayed on the terrace until late at night.
    When we went to sleep I went to the bathroom and went to put on my earrings, because my wife had asked me to. When I entered the bedroom, on top of the bed I saw a blue satin nightgown with beautiful lace. "Have you gone shopping? Have you bought a nightgown?” I asked him. “I bought two, one for you and one for me,” she told me. “What do you mean you bought me a nightgown? “I thought you were upset with me,” I told him. “I'm not upset, what happened is that I was jealous of Monica. “I saw in Monica a competitor who was taking my husband away from me,” she told me. When she told me that I understood the damage that Monica could do to her. Then I told her: “Don't worry, Monica is the “other part” of me. If you want, when she turns me into Monica we can be good friends and share things together” and she liked that. She could have two people in me at the same time, her best friend and her husband and her best friend who would never betray her. She then told me to put on the nightgown to see how it looked on me. And she put on hers, which was the same as mine, but pink. When I put it on it looked beautiful. It was three sizes bigger than his so it was a little loose on me, it was cool and very comfortable. Then when she saw me in the nightgown she started calling me Monica and she spoke to me as if she were a woman. My mind began to change when she dressed me as a woman. She tried very hard to be like a woman, I paid attention to how my friend acted, how she spoke and the gestures she made, how she walked, etc... And after making love to her, we fell asleep.
    The next morning she woke me up with a sweet “Good morning Monica.” With my nightgown on, I went to the kitchen, prepared breakfast and took it to the bedroom. There we had breakfast like two good friends. When we finished breakfast, she told me to go take a bath and come back later because she wanted to talk to me. So I did it.
    When I returned to the room she told me to take off my nightgown because she wanted to talk to her husband, not Monica.
Monica R

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