Author Topic: Body of a man, Soul of a woman - Part 6  (Read 219 times)


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Body of a man, Soul of a woman - Part 6
« on: January 07, 2024, 06:01:38 pm »
Living like a woman
    Now she told me: “If you like dressing as a woman and being a woman, you also have to do the housework.” That's not what I expected. First of all, she had to make the bed and clean the bathroom. Then another surprise awaited me. My wife gave me a pink apron with fine flowers and some very pretty white lace and two patch pockets with embroidered daisies. It couldn't be more feminine. I told her that apron would look very pretty with the beige skirt and she said yes. Then I went to the bedroom and put on the beige skirt. The skirt turned me on. It had the button and zipper at the back and a small opening at the back which made it prettier. Since it was hot I put on the thin tank top that was black and very cool. Then I put on the earrings and the apron. And now I went to the kitchen to put on a washing machine and make food. Since it was very late, I prepared something quick: a salad, which was what I wanted, and some steaks. From time to time I went to the mirror to look at myself. However, I looked strange and I knew why. What I didn't know was that my wife had another surprise in store for me. But I'll mention that later.
    After the meal it was my turn to hang the clothes on the terrace, since I had already finished the washing machine. And then we went to nap, but first I took off my clothes and put on my nightgown.
    We got up from our nap around 7pm and I put my clothes back on. I realized that she was wearing boxers underneath and that made her look unfit. So I took one of the panties I bought, they were simple, some were white and the other beige, but with a small bow in front, but very comfortable. I put on the white panties. I put on my skirt and t-shirt outside my skirt. And I went to collect the clothes that were dry and made coffee to clear our heads.
    Around 10 at night it was already starting to get dark because it was July and it got dark very late. She calls me my good friend and she tells me that I have to help her with something. She wanted me to help her fold her clothes and iron... with how hot she was and besides, I had never ironed in my life. She told me that she didn't want a friend who was lazy and didn't know how to do almost anything. So Monica had to learn to iron. When we finished ironing she told me to take off my skirt and shirt and I did. When she saw my panties on she started laughing because she said how strange I looked with panties and the package. “Why do you want me to take off my clothes?” I told. “Close your eyes” I closed my eyes and she started to put something down her arms. It was a bra!! And she buttoned it for me, making it fit perfectly. “Open your eyes,” she told me. I could'nt believe it!! She had thought the same as me. I looked strange because if you wear women's clothes you have to have breasts to look pretty. The bra was simple, beige so that it wouldn't be noticeable behind the clothes. “Since you have a smooth chest, I bought you padding for your bra,” she told me. And I put the filling in the cups. She then told me to put on the dress. Now she really looked like a woman!! The breasts looked real. The bra was a B cup and the light blue dress had wide straps and the skirt of the dress was short so it was very cool. Since the straps of the dress were wide, the bra straps were not noticeable, but the bra was a little transparent because the dress was very thin. But it was very cool. It was curious that my friend always spoke to me in feminine because she was trying to separate her husband from Monica, something that I had not yet achieved. I painted my nails pearl white and my lips light pink. It's funny that she let me use her paints, although over time I started to have my own.
    After all this excitement we went to the terrace like two good friends and had dinner there and started watching television. By the way, the situation of our apartment was such that no one could see us when we were on the terrace and we had no buildings in front of us since it overlooked the countryside. So I could go out on the terrace with complete freedom without anyone seeing me dressed as a woman.
Monica R

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