Author Topic: My ascent into sissyhood  (Read 1480 times)


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Re: My ascent into sissyhood
« on: December 06, 2023, 01:55:07 pm »
Part 3
I watched as the last of my boxers were burning away. She told me to go inside and neatly fold my panties and put them away where my boxers once were. I did as I was told and began folding my many panties and placing them in my drawer. As I was finishing up she came in and asked how I liked having my own panty drawer, how I had so many more panties than her! When I didn't answer soon enough, she said, I asked you how you like having a panty drawer?? It's fine, I grumbled. You love it sissy, she said! I'm not a f**king sissy, I said again! She smacked me across my face and said, YES YOU ARE! With that she sent me to the couch for the night and she went to bed....more to come...
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