Author Topic: My ascent into sissyhood  (Read 1480 times)


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Re: My ascent into sissyhood
« on: December 11, 2023, 10:27:06 am »
Part 7
There I was, holding four bras on hangers, about to try them on in the ladies fitting room. The department had been empty to this point, but much to my dismay, a couple of ladies started browsing the department. I couldn't get to the fitting room fast enough! Unfortunately for me, we had to walk past thise ladies on our way. I was hoping they wouldn't see me, but they did. They were whispering to each other and giggling to themselves as I walked past. I was devastated!

The clerk showed us to my fitting room and said, let me know if you need any help. My wife joined me in the room and told me to remove my shirt. She handed me the white tshirt bra to try first. I was shaking so bad, I could barely get my arms through it. I fumbled around trying to fasten the three hooks behind my back. My wife laughed and said, let me help. She fastened me in and I looked at myself in the mirror. Here I was, standing in a women's fitting room wearing a bra! Who is this sissy staring back at me? The molded cups made it look like I had tiny breasts! I wanted to cry! My wife smiled and said that I looked pretty! She opened the door and called the clerk to check the fit. What? I don't want her to see me! Too bad sissy, that's part of the fitting, she said. The clerk walked in and said with a grin, aren't you adorable! Let me check the fit, looks like a perfect fit, try on the lacy bra and let me check that one as well, I'll be right back. My wife helped me out of that bra and into one of the lacy ones. I looked even more sissy in this one! What is happening to me? Why am I letting this happen? The clerk came back in and said,  ooooh, don't you love this one? So pretty and a perfect fit! My wife said we will take all four, but I would like to wear the lacy bra home. OMG! NO! The clerk said ok, she removed the tags from the bra I was wearing and took the other three to the register. Put your shirt on and let's go, my wife said. But I dont want to wear this home! You can see the outline through my shirt, and it looks like I have little boobs! Would you prefer a more feminine top, she asked? NO! I protested! Then lets go, she said. I meekly followed her out of the fitting room....more to come...
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