Author Topic: My ascent into sissyhood  (Read 1480 times)


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Re: My ascent into sissyhood
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Part 14
I got in the shower and started lathering up to shave. I can't believe I'm doing this, I thought. What a pain this is, I don't know how Women do this, lots of hard to reach areas. Feeling confident that I got everything shaved thoroughly I called for my wife to come and inspect. She looked me over. Not bad for your first time sissy, she said. Give me the razor and I'll get the couple spots you missed. I couldn't believe how naked I felt without body hair. She then told me to dry off and apply lotion to my entire body. I couldn't believe how soft and silky my skin felt. The lotion was scented and made me smell like a flower garden. My wife selected a pair of white floral print satin panties and my white t-shirt bra. I took my panties and started to pull them up my hairless legs. I couldn't believe how sensual the satin felt as I pulled them up. As I was pulling them into place, I realized I was becoming quite aroused! My wife pointed and said, looks like your little princess loves being a sissy! Now put on your bra and look in the mirror. What do you see? I looked in the mirror and started tearing up. I looked like a complete sissy pansy! A complete sissy, I said. Look at yourself and say I am a sissy pansy. I looked into my eyes and said I am a sissy pansy. Your coming along nicely sissy, she be continued.
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