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Re: pubic hair
« Reply #15 on: August 27, 2023, 06:47:34 am »
In accordance with my wifes instruction I have to be shaved smooth every where and I must admit that I love being smooth but hate the bind of shaving . Over the years we have tried just about every form of hair removal and I now have a routine . I use Nair course hair removal cream on my boobs and down below but shave every where else. I find that shaving every three days means that I can get the job done in about ten minutes but a must is the daily use of body moisteriser which not only helps soften my skin but also stops any ingrowing hairs . I also use a breast growth cream dialy and of late have been using a breast suction device to improve my boobs at the same time

Hi Shemyezza!

    Thanks for sharing and pointing out that your Routine is at your Wife's Instructions!    In the New Age Lifestyle, Women are in Control and Guiding males into how they need to be.  I Love that she has your so thoroughly hairless, this is a Very Important aspect of male hygiene going forward!

Strong Women are the future!
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