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Re: The Need for Discipline
« Reply #15 on: January 05, 2024, 09:04:39 am »
I can only agree that discipline is absolutely necessary. For all males. I have read up on the concepts of maintenance spanking and disciplinary spanking and after pondering a lot about it I have realized the ingenuity of the concept.

Understanding the need for disciplinary spanking was quite easy. A sissy makes a mistake and must be punished. That's to prevent that the same mistake happens again and that the sissy learns.

Understanding the need for maintenance spanking was a bit harder, but then I realized that the nature of masculine behavior requires it. The male brain is wired to strive for dominance and oppressing females. That's a kind of toxic masculinity that is inherent to all males. Even in the best trained sissy this toxic masculinity lies dormant. The male brain works like a dog's brain, it is always thinking in hierarchies and striving for the top. But it accepts it if another member of the pack makes it clear who is the leader. If you observe packs of wild animals who are organized in hierarchical groups dominated by males you will see that the leader constantly asserts its dominance. If he slackens some other members of the pack interpret this as weakness and try to overthrow the current leader.

The male, human brain works in the same way. As soon as a mistress has established her dominance over her sissy the sissy must constantly be reminded who is the boss. If not, he will regress to the toxic behavior of the past.

If women use maintenance spankings it is not because they are cruel or love violence, but because the male brain requires it.
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