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Re: Your first Nightie
« Reply #15 on: January 28, 2024, 04:07:50 pm »
Answering sissyswife:

Have I relinquished power and control? I would say ours has been
an egalitarian marriage from the beginning 55 years ago. While we
share in decision making, I nearly always yield to my wife and her

We are both in our late seventies. I think my wife having me from time
to time as her maid and dressed in nightgowns and lingerie is somewhat
avant-garde for our age range.

So do i always wear nighties? No, I wear a nighty when my wife tells me
to. That is fairly often, signalled by her having left a nightie spread
out on my side of the bed..

Finally, sissyswife asked if I am hairless. Working from the top down,
my hair is very thin on my head. I wear a mustache because my wife
likes it.

I naturally have no hair on my arms, chest, back or legs. That
means that bras, nightgowns, and stockings all look nice upon my body,
with no hair

Finally, since we are getting specific, I have a very thin crop of pubic
hair which my wife prefers I not shave.

Maid Ruth Ann

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