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Re: Your first Nightie
« Reply #15 on: January 30, 2024, 05:02:00 am »
I know what Jemima's first nightie looked like as it was me who bought it. Having him wear it was also my first act of feminization.

Although Jemima had been cross-dressing from his mid teens he'd never owned a nightie. Even as a single sissy doing the gender fluid thing he wore feminine pajamas. I don't know why he stuck with PJs as I would have thought a nightie would feel more feminine but he did me a favour in some ways.

I bought some nighties a couple of weeks before we stated with FLR. I got three satin nighties in three different colors - pink, navy blue, and black. They were about mid thigh in length and I matched them with lacy panties. I thought the idea of bedtime and bedtime routine would be a good place to start with feminization. There are a number of simple themes I could introduce without making drastic changes. The fact that he typically wore PJs helped here. It allowed me to add something new into the mix. He'd been feminizing himself for years and this was different enough to give him the feeling that I was in charge of this process from now on.

To be honest though, I do prefer PJs. I like a cute look and mainly buy girly PJ short sets.

- Claire.
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