Author Topic: What do you think about men cross dressing to go see the new Barbie movie?  (Read 1043 times)


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I haven’t learned how to set up a poll here yet but curious what others think.
Saturday evening while walking downtown near the theatre I saw a number of men in skirts and heels going in to see the new Barbie film.
I was amazed at how many Sissy’s there were in our town, let alone go out in public to see a movie.
It made me envious that I was not en femme joining in the fun.
What do you think, sissies…would you go out in public dressed like a girl and go see this movie? 
Sissy Maid Stephanie

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What do I think?


I was going to post separately but this has come up and yes as I am full time femme, most definitely if I can find pink but I have an alternative.

A bit goth and on this occasion I even wore a black thong! But yes I'll post pictures if anyone is interested tomorrow evening and a review!

Can't wait to see the leotards and tights... Should I buy an ice cream too?

Girl with extra...
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Angel Amore

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When I was a younger crossdresser I would go to gender themed movies dressed. Flicks like The Crying Game, Too Wong Foo......., Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and many others were great opportunities to go out dressed.

Angel Amore
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It could become the norm like the Rocky horror film and musicals girly girls instead of french maids
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I have not seen barbie. Not interested in commercial cinema, I do not see any reason why I would not go in pink to see it, but not interested
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Came across this rather amazing Barbie movie
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Natasha The Newly Awoken

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Colour me surprised in pink of course!

Went to see it a couple of weeks back with some friends male & female. We all wore pink and so did a surprising number of other males of all ages. I managed pink everything except shoes as I couldn't find trainers or flats in my size (ankle is damaged so no heels until it's sorted). As my only pink skirt is hooker or club **** length it meant my girlie embroidered jeans came out. As it was cold and blowing a gale I thought it a wise choice.

It's got Margot Robbie in it so of course guys don't mind watching it.
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