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« on: February 12, 2024, 08:24:55 pm »
Good afternoon - Iíve been following your community for some time and Iím glad that I found such a resource on the Internet. I express my gratitude to everyone for what you do, because I see deep meaning in it. I have been thinking for some time about how I should introduce myself and what to write about... I believe that at the moment I have managed to sufficiently formulate my thoughts and translate them into verbal code) Therefore, I am writing and want to express my thoughts, as well as ask for advice in further study relationships where the woman occupies a dominant position.
And so - briefly about myself...
- The first part of my life was the desire for exceptional masculinity - sports, military affairs, martial arts, then service to the homeland, etc. - I must say that this desire was very strong and I did not think of anything else. At a certain period of time, I did not think about having a woman next to me, since there were always plenty of them, I also never thought about the size of my **** since it suited all these women (At least no one complained)) I have never been a boor and a scoundrel towards women. I always tried to protect them and never insulted them, and especially never raised a hand against them (This is generally my TABOO) - However... I admit... in general I treated them as nice service personnel... With heroic condescension. My male ego was still inflated - I believed that doing household chores such as cleaning, washing, cooking, washing dishes, etc. - should only be a woman. Of course, I can do this boring routine myself - but why should I do it if there is a woman. A woman who seems to like it and, as it were, this is her main purpose. Of course, I liked it - sometimes I cook something tasty - but this is only on major holidays - as for the rest of the everyday routine - itís not for me - itís boring - Iím like a man, I have to lie on the sofa and sharpen my saber - otherwise suddenly thereís a war and I tired ). I treated such a daily female role as something proper and insignificant. I felt entitled (albeit gently) to still force women to fulfill my desires and command them. I thought it was natural and they liked it and that was right. Yes, I considered women inferior to me.
However, later it so happened that I began to think about the lack of harmony in such a perception of the world and distribution of roles. I saw how much pain these male desires for conquest and primacy at any cost bring. Then I got married and at first continued to play my leading role. She - My wife - is a traditional girl, but ambitious and allowed me to play the role of a prince in a silver Mercedes). However, she always had the courage to express her interests. And I saw when I offended her with my behavior (although at those moments I sincerely did not understand! What was I doing wrong!). After some more time, I realized the full sharpness of her intelligence and superiority. I realized that the path of my inflated male ego is only the path of destruction, the path of the blind... In contrast to the path of female patience, desire for creation and love for the world that came from her. I realized that only a woman can give us a prosperous society.
While studying myself and trying to find answers to the questions I had, I came across the topic of feminization, emasculation, as well as domestication. It seems to me that this is a valid way to pacify the inflated male ego, to deeply understand female emotions, experiences, expectations and aspirations. This is a way of leading us to understand each other and to understand how superior women really are to the male sex, which, in my current opinion, is stuck at a point in evolution somewhere next to the monkey)
For some time now I have been delving into feminization and emasculation, and I have also freed my wife from most household chores - however, due to her traditional upbringing, she is not ready to fully taste the fruits of my labor. She has a rather negative attitude towards my experiments, although she sees significant changes in my behavior and little by little begins to understand and accept what I do. I must say here that I am not a gender minority. My sexual orientation is straight - I adore and idolize women and am not gay, I do not experience any attraction to men.
So - the advice I wanted to ask about -
1 How can I best interest my wife in this kind of relationship where she will become my Queen?

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Re: things
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2024, 08:09:20 am »
Hi Violetta, thank you for sharing.  my advice is to continue to help your wife and put her needs first.  If she is traditional she may feel like she has to do the chores.  When she goes out to shop, you can wash the floor, fold laundry, etc.  When she asks you can tell her you are having a great day and you had excess energy to burn and wanted to help out.  Most women love foot rubs so the next time you're watching tv sit next to her and rub her feet.  You can run a bath for her at night.  Small things will add up in her mind.  She'll feel closer to you.  Again this takes time.  The toxic male ego makes men want what they want when they want it and can't understand why women don't jump an the opportunity to do what the man thinks is good for the woman.  Place her first, always, and over time she will become comfortable with it and over time begin to demand more of it. Great things come to those who wait.  Good luck.
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Re: things
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2024, 09:29:19 am »
Thanks for sharing your experiences and a warm welcome. It is so great that you have not only discovered the problems of toxic masculinity but also acted on it and started to change your behavior.

Imho all males are naturally destined to love and serve women. That's what we are created for. Unfortunately thousands of years of patriarchaic brainwashing have put this natural behavior of males far into the background and has replaced it with toxic notions of male superiority, which manifests itself in some stupid ideas that it is below the dignity of a man to do household chores, as you mentioned.

But because serving women is the way we are hardwired to be this cannot be eradicated but only suppressed, so from time to time it comes to the surface and then we realize what we are supposed to do.

Most males are too frighteend to admit it. Only a minority like you have the courage to accept it and act on it.   

Now, there are many males who have discovered this and who are then trying to serve in an exaggerated way, pondering about what women might like - often this is only what men like and then they try to imagine that women should like that too . and trying to force this new lifestyle on their partners. Like: Hey, I think I should walk around in heels and frilly skirts. Now put me in heels and frilly skirts. This is not serving but another form of toxic masculinity, albeit not so bad like the traditional one.

The best you can do is trying to find out what your wife likes and wants you to do and then just do it. If you have some ideas then you can ask your wife subtly or hint at them. Like e.g. asking her. "Hey, honey, wouldn't you like it if I would be swishing around in skirts for you?" If she is ready and wants it she will say "ok" and you can do it. If she doesn't want it or ir is just suprised you can say "no problem honey. but if you ever want me to dress in skirts just say it." And maybe after some time when she has become aquainted with the idea she might just suggest to try it.

The wishes and needs of your wife always come first!
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Re: things
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2024, 12:25:07 pm »
Welcome Violetta_F, You definitely have come to the right place. Good luck in your endeavors.
sissy gina
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Re: things
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2024, 01:53:38 pm »
Hello Violetta, you're in the right place, welcome.
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