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Lurker Introduction
« on: April 01, 2024, 09:22:36 pm »
Good evening, everyone,
I've been holding off on my introduction, just reading and enjoying seeing other gurls and their Mistresses, learning what I can.
I have always loved the feminine grace, and felt at odds with being male, but necessity dictated following masculine forms and norms, I'm afraid.

I've dabbled in crossdressing, but cannot reasonably indulge in any feminization training, as the girlfriend and her daughter are disinterested and opposed, respectively. The daughter doesn't know, mind, save that I have some chest development, and need some support.
So after an 18 year relationship of necessity, I'm moving forward with what I can, which leads me to my biggest concern - weight control. The girlfriend and I are both very overweight. I finally got her into a gym, we are forming the habit, but it will be years before we can properly slim down. I'm wishing for instant results, of course! 😉

I'd love to find ways to get her on board with feminization, despite my size (broad shoulders, 46" ribs, will see how diet and exercise trim me down.)

Now, I'm almost 50, she's 61 now, her daughter is 28 (and bipolar, making life very difficult). We live in the Boston area, I work in the city in a professional IT position, she has a support role at a local insurance company, and the daughter is working retail. Not a lot of extra money around, MSN recently reported you must earn $300K/year to be middle class here...  I don't, even all of us together don't get halfway. 😛

Anyway - I've used estrogens in the past, my girlfriend knew before she moved in all that time ago, but she opposed it all the way... Now I need blood pressure meds, and the Girls are growing regardless. (It's a testosterone blocker as well.)

I see interesting times coming, and hope I can slim down a good 50+ pool funds by end of year, and then we'll see what happens. I may start pushing a lot...
It's funny, I tried to let her have control, and it was very destructive, let's leave it at that.
But if I can get my medical issues sorted, and as a side effect get more feminine, it strikes me as a win, and she can make her own decisions. Her daughter will be an issue, regardless - we will see what happens.

Any advice would be appreciated, diet, feminization, getting the girlfriend interested in any of this, or adjacent kinks, even, just ways to make life more interesting and intimate.


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Miss ATT

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Re: Lurker Introduction
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2024, 11:40:03 am »
Stey- Congratulations on your decision concerning feminization, but it looks like you have other, perhaps more pressing issues here as well.
I guess I might suggest you decide a plan based on what you think are the most important problems to be solved that might then lead to a successful feminization.
It certainly won't be quick or easy, but come up.with a plan, some goals, and take by one.
Oh yes, make very sure you and your girlfriend keep in constant communication and agreement on these steps- without her buying in I think you will be going nowhere fast and just get frustrated and upset with one another. You may require therapy, but in any case best of luck here.
Miss ATT
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Re: Lurker Introduction
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2024, 03:47:12 pm »
Hello Dianna, welcome to the forum, nice to meet you. Always great to have another male interested in his feminization.
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