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Stories of Women Taking Control!!!
« on: September 23, 2023, 10:34:34 am »
This thread will Demonstrate what some Women are doing with their men as They Take Control of their Relationships!

From the Quora Site:

Have you ever been forced to crossdress by your wife/girlfriend and shown off to her friends?

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Wendy Hand
, former Crossdresser at Cross-Dressing (1971-2020)1y
Yes I have. My wife likes to dress me up in her clothes, one Saturday afternoon I was taken a shower when I was done drying off I went into the bedroom to get my clothes and my wife had replaced them with an outfit she wanted me to wear, she told me to come out to the living room when I was done. When I got to the living room there was 5 of my wife's friends in the living room, they all told me that I looked like a sexy school girl, I was so embarrassed. Later on that afternoon I was told to go change into the clothes laying on the bed then come back to the living room, so I got changed and went to the living room, this time my wife and all her friends were wearing strap ons, some vibrating and some not. She told me to get down on all fours and when I did she started inserting her strap on in my ass then started pounding me, one of the other women but their dick in my face and told me to suck her dick so I did, they all took turns tag teaming me all night long. I ENJOYED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT.

A girl who I work with noticed my panties and she said she wanted to see me in them. She came over and I was wearing panties and bra nylons and heels. She said I looked great and I showed her my skirts and tops and she said does anyone know? I said no. She said I want to see you in my clothes and she slipped her clothes off and I was getting hard. She said I love the way you trim your bush. She said smell my panties and tell me how much you want me. My **** was hard and I went to get dressed. When I came out she was rubbing her ****. We kissed and she slipped her hand under my skirt and she said I want to see your ass. I stripped down to my panties and after we **** she said she wanted to feel my ass. She said I want to slide my dildo in you. After the night was over she said she wanted to bring her friend over. She said she would love to see you. And she has a strap on. The next day she came over with her friend and she slipped her clothes off and she said wear my panties. She said that they were wet. She ended up pegging me and we had great sex

Emma Leese
Crossdressing Upvoted by
Wendy Hand
, former Crossdresser at Cross-Dressing (1971-2020)Aug 10
In a short answer yes. My wife knew I liked to dress before we married and at First was ok with it and even encouraged it.

The trouble came when our first child was born. She put her foot down and wanted me to stop. Obviously we all know that this is impossible. So I kept dressing in secret. One night she was babysitting someone for someone else and I stayed at home and got dressed up. Needless to say when she came home she went mental with me for being dressed whilst our children were in bed. After some explaining and groveling she would allow me to dress under certain conditions. One of these being I was to dress up when she had her friends around for a girly night in. At first I said no way but she could be very persuasive so in the end agreed.

This first time it happened she took charge of my dressing and told me that as she was going to enjoy showing me off to her friends I should be immaculately dressed and that she would do my make up. The even started with her shaping my eyebrows into a very big arch by plucking them. I was actually horrified when I saw them as they looked so feminine how could I get away with them at work. Next came false nails that were painted a blush pink. Whilst they dried she did my make up and then i was instructed to get dressed in the outfit that she had left out. This consisted of a pink bra and panty set pink garter belt with **** stockings a pink slip with a pink wrap around dress and pink heels. I got dressed and went to find my wife who was in the kitchen making snacks. When I spoke I asked her where all the clothes are from and she said she had purchased them for me for tonight.

I was then given instructions on what to prepare next whilst she got changed. At around 8 her friends came and she told me to get the door I did as I was told and opened the door fully dressed as they all inspected me and cooed over how much of a pansy I was.

Paul Smith
Former Engineer Upvoted by
Wendy Hand
, former Crossdresser at Cross-Dressing (1971-2020)2y

I was about 25 at the time, very slim with long legs and skinny waist. I had always liked to wear sexy underwear from an early age especially satin and my girlfriend was aware of my secret even buying me several pairs. I would put on underwear shows for her in the bedroom and she would sometimes try to embarrass me in public by pulling at my shorts to reveal the shiny satin of my lingerie

My girlfriend wanted to try pegging me so she bought a pink rubber strapon dildo and after a little practice we became quite good with it. I realized that my girlfriend was always trying to embarrass me in public and that she was excited by it so in the right situations i started to play along with it and allow her.

We would go swimming at the local swimming pool in the evenings so she bought me a pair of sexy swimming tanga briefs with string sides that i was to wear for her. She loved them and would grope at them underwear the water. When we were in the sauna afterwards she would put a hand on my leg stroking me and feel my bulge when other people were in there pretending not to look.

She liked to have the kitchen light on after dark with the blinds opened slightly so anyone passing could see in and have me walking about in shiny satin panties why we chatted. I was told to wear a satin thong when sunbathing in the garden and if any of her friends called at the house she would bring them into the garden to talk while I was lying on the lounger then occasionally ask me to bring them some drinks or something similar so I they could examine me.

One Saturday morning i was laying in bed about to get up when she walked into the bedroom with a satin French maid costume and asked if would try it on for her. I was only wearing a white satin thong and she pulled back the duvet to stroke the satin bulge of my thong as she asked me again to try the costume on for her. I got out of bed and stepped into the slinky satin maid dress pulling it up over my hips and putting my arms through then up onto my shoulders. She zipped up the back and tied a white satin apron around my waist standing back to look at me.

I slid my hands down the sides of the satin maid dress and round onto my bum feeling the smooth shiny satin that covered my bum and traced the edge of my thong with my fingers. It felt sexy to the touch and came down to half way between my bum and knees. My girlfriend was all over me feeling and touching the silky material of the costume and putting her hand under the dress to feel my satin thong. She pulled out a wig from the wardrobe and positioned it on my head telling me that I looked cute and that she wanted to use her strapon on me while I was wearing it.

She led me downstairs by the hand and i was ordered to model for her as she put on her strapon dildo. I walked in and out of the kitchen modelling the sexy satin french maid costume bending over and showing off my white satin thong for her while she lent against the kitchen worktop stroking the pink dildo with her hand. She was telling me how good I looked and that I was now her sexy sissy slave to have fun with.

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door and i went to run back upstairs but my girlfriend told me not to worry and stay were I was as it was probably just a parcel delivery she was expecting. I stepped back away from the window as she opened the door and listened to her giggling with someone then to my horror she walked back into the kitchen followed by her two friends.

It was only about 10am on a Saturday and I was wearing a satin French maid costume in the kitchen with my girlfriend and her two friends. Don't mind Paul she told the two women, we were just about to have some fun as she held her strapon out shaking it from side to side laughing with them. Were are you two girls going so early in the morning she asked them. We were going into town shopping but we think we will hang out with you for a while if its ok they replied.

My girlfriend looked at me as she told her friends it was fine with her but that she would be taking me up stairs for an hour to **** my cute sissy ass. Why don't you **** him here so that we can watch you one of them asked with a giggle. He looks so cute in his sexy dress the other said.

Well i might just do exactly that my girlfriend told them as she grabbed my **** through the thin satin material. Face the wall she ordered so I moved to the wall and put my hands on it. My girlfriend moved in behind me laughing with her friends and lifted the satin dress up and onto my hips revealing the thin white satin thong between my cheeks. She pulled the thong from my ass and over to the side as I felt the head of the dildo touch the opening of my bum and gently i could feel the tip enter me and slowly moving back and forth until I had the whole thing inside me.

Her friends were giggling behind me as my girlfriend started to speed up the rhythm and I began to moan with each thrust of her strapon. You are my cute little sissy boy aren't you she asked me as she **** me for the women watching. Tell my friends that you're my sissy slave she ordered and I repeated the sentence to the two giggling women as I moaned with pleasure. She grabbed my thong pulling it as if horse riding and screwed my ass like she had never done before.

For over an hour I was pegged all over the house for her watching friends until my girlfriend asked them if they would like to **** me. The both jumped at the idea of **** me so my girlfriend fetched them a strapon of their own from our bedroom and helped them put them on. The first of the women sat on the sofa with her dildo pointing up and i was ordered to ride it. I lowered myself down feeling it enter me and started to **** her as she grabbed my ass when i moved up and down. The second woman stood next to me and told me to open my mouth putting her dildo in my mouth.

Feminized sissy **** Owned by Mistress Alivia (2020–present)Upvoted by
Wendy Hand
, former Crossdresser at Cross-Dressing (1971-2020)1y
While living with her mother part time my Beautiful “step daughter" came home unexpectedly one day and caught me wearing a maid's uniform while I was cleaning. She commented on how “cute" I looked wearing it. During the Christmas holidays that year her mother and I got into an argument and I was told to move out. Alivia moved in with me and her Domination of me began shortly after that. She presented me with a T shirt that had the inscription Lovingly Owned printed on it and a pink collar with the word SISSY on it. She took me to lunch for my birthday and then to a tattoo parlor and instructed the artist to permanently brand me as her property with a princess crown on my buttock. Her Dominance over me became more formidable when she demanded that I begin taking feminization pills and purchase bras and sissy panties to wear. I was instructed to order maid's uniforms and she is training me to be a submissive sissymaid to serve at gatherings and willingly submit to her Commands to showcase her ability to train me as her obedient sissy ****. I am plugged and caged to further force my submission. She controls me and has become my Beautiful Dominant Goddess Alivia.

Strong Women are the future!

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