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Feminzation with Love
« on: January 24, 2022, 03:14:16 pm »
One thing that irks me about feminization and taking the lead in an FLR is that many women take on many of the negative aspects of personality that they decry men of possessing. In my mind, if we wish our men to be soft and feminine, we should be strong and masculine and essentially recreate masculinity because men have totally screwed it up.

Our masculinization and the feminization of men needs to be done with love, showing him that this is the way it should be and is what is best because we know better. We must never humiliate him or hit him or abuse him. Those were things that men did to women in the old world. We must reject them as we claim, remold and recreate masculinity as our own.

We must put him on a pedestal and pamper him like the flower he should be. We must make sure he wears pretty lingerie, and always be told how pretty he is. We need to tell him, politely how cute his breasts are and how good his legs look in a skirt. By looking pretty for us, with sex being a reward, he will want to look pretty for us. In turn by looking more masculine for him he will feel comforted in our strong arms. Yes, our masculinization does mean no more bras and panties for us, but then after all these are things that should fall squarely in his world. We need to wear things that show off our muscles. If you wear a strap-on, we need to wear things that showcase that masculine bulge which is now our to own, his to worship, and will have us saying to him "My eyes are up here" when he looks between our legs

Just a few thoughts from me

Nick (formerly Nichole)

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