Author Topic: I have a question about the new age lifestyle  (Read 673 times)


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Re: I have a question about the new age lifestyle
« on: April 29, 2024, 12:06:07 pm »
Maybe it is my mind set around this stuff.  Or maybe my experiences over the years have made me enjoy a little bit of pay back?  Now itís my turn to talk over the boys and pull their bra straps and tell them to settle down because they are on their period. 

There is nothing wrong with your enjoying your power and given males the well deserve payback they have earned. It has been over 30 years for me and I still enjoy seeing males put into their places. Personally, I think it mentally healthy for women to enjoy the experience of feminization. We are the ones putting in the wrong to correct the flaws of masculinity. We should enjoy the spoils.
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