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Re: Just had to share....
« on: April 09, 2024, 10:05:03 pm »
Hi; sorry I'm so late to post - had to travel quite a bit for work after Easter.... Well, we all had a great time! I did dress Danni in the floral leggings with a lacy cami and cute blouse. S.he also painted nails and put on a pair of silver strappy sandals (that I found at consignment in size). My mom didn't know quite what to think when she first came in (Danni was super nervous), but I pulled her aside and just told her to act natural and make a point of telling Danni how cute s.he looked. Mom told me thank god your father isn't still alive, but she smiled, walked over and gave Danni a big kiss and hug and patted bottom (actually, I realized she did quite a bit of that over the course of the day). Anyway, Danni played role very well, serving us ladies drinks first, and then preparing and serving the charcuterie board and salad. Mom and I talked about a few home and garden projects, mutual friends, etc. and Danni listened attentively. So cute (in the past, he would just wander away). I talked about how I had always wanted a more airy and feminine bedroom look, and now that Danni was on board, we were going to work on a project to convert everything to distressed antique white, with pastel walls, drapes and hangings, floral paintings, etc. I've always wanted a nice french provincial vanity, and that is on the list as well (I'll make sure Danni will be spending time there every day!) Mom loved the bedroom idea and said she would help with planning, catalogs, paint chips, etc. We also talked about how well Danni was becoming a housekeeper, and I suggested s.he could help at my mom's condo. Mom was ecstatic with the idea and made sure to give Danni another big hug and kiss. Of course, I have some ideas about outfits that Danni can wear at my mom's, but that will all play out later... After lunch we all had some more wine, got a little tipsy and decided to all watch a movie (we had a late lunch, so it was getting dark by that point).  Mom and I have a favorite "chick flick" from years ago (Bridesmaids) so we found that and sat Danni down between the two of us. So delicious to watch Danni surrounded by women watching women being hilariously inappropriate!  As the movie wore on, I put my arm around Danni and s.he snuggled. At one point my mom actually had her hand on Danni's thigh and was tracing little circles with her nails (just a weird little habit she has). This was making Danni pretty uncomfortable and s.he was trying to scoot more into my space. So cute. I finally told mom to stop and she gave me a little wink. Haha, so looking forward to how the housecleaning duties are going to play out...Anyway, that's the story; after the movie, mom gave Danni another big kiss and hug and pat on the tush and said she couldn't wait to start working on our projects. Almost forgot-after Danni had cleaned up lunch, we did have strike some poses so that we could capture the special moment. I've attached one of the pics here.
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