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When is enough enough
« on: July 19, 2021, 01:33:11 pm »
I wasn't sure where to put this so I am posting it here. Growing up, I was friends with a girl named Naomi. Over the years, she saw the journey that Scott/Amy made towards feminization. We had lost touch until we ran into each other last winter. She has one "son" 17 and one daughter 19 from a failed marriage. I always knew her as a strong willed Dominant girl. They say that great minds think a like and I always thought that is why we always got along so well. When she got married, her husband was just as strong minded and Dominant. They kept butting heads which led to the divorce.

Naomi's daughter is following in her Mom's footsteps. Her son, Alex/Alexandra, is just the opposite. To start off, he has become a very swishy gay boy, think a combination of Johnny Weir, Carson Kressly and Freddy Mercury. At an early age he was asking to get his ears pierced, have long hair and have it colored/bleached, wearing girl clothes, etc. As he grew older, he was wearing girls/women's clothes almost exclusively. He liked to keep his body hair free and loved to wear nail polish and make up.

Naomi asked him if her wanted to be a girl. He said no, he just liked being pretty. Knowing what I did with Amy and Joanne, she asked me if I could help her with Alexandra. Getting her to present herself and living as Alexandra 24/7 has been no problem at all. We have been trying to change her mindset to act and react as a biological female. That is where we have hit a road block. She readily accepts other changes we have made but refuses to change her demeanor. She has a boyfriend who likes her just as she is.

Here is the question for the group. Do we push on, offering HRT, hoping we can get her to accept being a woman? Do we let her live her life knowing that one day she will probably marry a man who may or may not want her to stay feminine?

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Re: When is enough enough
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2021, 10:25:49 pm »
Difficult to answer without knowing more about Alexandra. Why is he resistant to presenting female while comfortable dressing like one? it sounds like the boyfriend may have a lot of power in their relationship and Alexandra may be scared about changing anything.